Quotes I've lived here (the summit) for two years now and I'll either be renewing my lease or moving to their sister facility because I love the management. They're awesome people. They have quick maintenance response too and the area is quiet. Any issue I had was fixed within two days. The buildings are older but well maintained. Definitely the best place in Huntsville especially for the price. I would highly recommend. Quotes
Current Resident

Quotes We lived at The Highlands Townhomes for five years this is the best place ever. We basically have grown up here we moved in when we got married now we have a child. The management and maintenance staff are great and efficient. Never any problems with other tenants. I just had a second child and so sad that there are no 3 bedroom townhomes there. All in all a great place to live. Quotes
Family of 3

Quotes Townhomes in good condition. Maintenance was okay, def better than most places. Friendly Staff. Quotes
Satisfied Resident

Quotes I liked the community. It is usually quiet, so I could do my homework without distractions. Plus, the 1 bedroom townhomes were made for woman...seriously, closet space everywhere. I love it and recommend it for any girl! Quotes
College Student

Quotes I used to live here 2 years ago and was very happy. The manager was very friendly and the maintenance staff was fantastic! Quotes
Satisfied resident